1. Contribute to giving a high-quality service to the receivers of social welfare aid and sanitary institutions in the countries of the participating organisations
  2. Promote the highest training level for directors with regard to the specific aspects and politics of each country
  3. Enrich the training competences of participating organizations
  4. Facilitate exchange and professional mobility of directors of institutions in the countries concerned
  5. Reinforce cooperation between countries and participate in the construction of an open and unified Europe

Accreditation: To be a member of Eurodir, candidate organisations must commit to the values of the network's quality charter and meet a number of mandatory Technical Criteria.

As for values: committing to the European Convention on Human Rights, the European Social Charter, the Network Charter.

As for the minimum technical criteria: 300 program hours, 3 major axes for the training program: missions, administration, management. The final validation must include a thesis.