Eurodir is a transnational European network of organisations for the training of directors of social institutions. Created under the impulsion of the ENSP of Rennes (now EHESP) following a TEMPUS project 1994–1997 initiated by ESTES (now ESEIS) with German, Hungarian and Polish partners. Its primary purpose is to enable members to share, discover, compare, cooperate and promote the best level of training for managers working in the social and health sector.

EURODIR network is an association, created according to the French Law (July 1st, 1901) in 1999.

Board composition on October 5, 2020

  • President: Béatrice MULLER — DG ESEIS
  • Vice-President: Bogdan CUC — FICF
  • Secretary: Elsa BOUBERT — EHESP
  • Treasurer: Winfried SEELISCH — EHD